As an owner of R-Wild Horse Ranch you and your family have access to horse back riding all year long as a part of the annual owners association fees. As a part of ranch ownership, you will not only get to ride horses but own them as well. Not only own them, but all the tack, saddles and riding gear and even the hay. During stable hours and weather permitting, horses are saddled awaiting riders and the wranglers are at hand to match riding skills to the horses and adjust equipment as necessary.

4,000 Acres of riding trails are reserved for your enjoyment. There are trails for beginners, intermediates and advanced riders. Our trails provide hours & hours of riding enjoyment and access to areas of the ranch that will allow owners further enjoyment of the ranch. One of the favorite trails is the one to Beegum camp on Beegum Creek. Advanced riders with their own horses can explore the remaining 10,000 acres as well.

Riding lessons are provided if you are a beginner or if you just want to sharpen up your equestrian skills. Lessons are available for all levels or riders. Everyone who rides one of the ranch horses must qualify to the satisfaction of the wranglers before they are allowed to take non-guided trail rides. Trail cards are issued to owners so that they can safely use and enjoy this wonderful aspect of R-Ranch. This affords owners the freedom to ride where they like during stable hours.
  • Over 50 Horses
  • All Tack
  • Ranch hands
  • Miles of trails
  • Covered Arena
  • Lunging Pen
  • Lessons
  • Horse Boarding
  • Trailer Storage
The ranch also offers riding events and competitions including Dinner rides, Group trail rides and Overnight rides. A popular ride is the Overnight ride and campout to Beegum Creek Camp. Depart the Stable area mid-afternoon and ride a couple of hours to Beegum Creek Camp to enjoy a Barbecue dinner. Then spend a night under the stars after singing around the campfire only to wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. After a country breakfast of griddle pancakes, link sausage and ranch eggs you return to the ranch via horseback to spend the rest of the day savoring the memories of the trip around one of the ranches swimming pools.

The R-Wild Horse Ranch “Horsemen’s Association” is a group of owners that share not only ownership but a love of horses and the joys that they can bring. Amongst these owners are riders of all levels of experience that participate in activities that are organized and sponsored by the group. Some of these include specialty rides such as Poker, Scavenger & Dinner Rides, and an occasional off-ranch ride to add more diversity to the equestrian activities. The Horsemen’s Association holds an Annual Awards Banquet at the end of each season where riders in each of several categories and age groups are recognized for their achievements, riding in competition and participation with awards at the Horseman’s Association Dinner. It’s a special moment that caps off the end of one year and makes all riders and their families look forward to the start of the next.

Limit out catching native Rainbow Trout in Beegum Creek. The northern boundary of the ranch has two miles of Beegum Creek which run through the ranch all year. Beegum creek is known for its fine rainbow trout fishing and it’s not unusual to limit out in less that one half hour on these fine native fish delicacies.

Aside from the creeks on the ranch, five major fishing lakes are within the 50 Mile Golden Circle of Recreation (more information on the “Nearby” page) along with several fish rivers. This part of California has always been regarded as one of the finest fishing areas in the western United States.


Over 6,000 acres of Deer, Pig, Wild Turkey or Quail Hunting. The area south of Wells Creek, approximately 2,000 acres, is used during the state recognized seasons & designated areas for hunting on the ranch. Options available include deer, pig, quail, dove and wild turkey. The game is abundant and the numbers of hunters is limited to owners and one guest. Hunting on R-Wild Horse Ranch is like hunting on your own private hunting preserve.

Target Shooting Range

It doesn’t take being a hunter to enjoy target shooting. There are organized events like skeet shooting matches and target matches or just owners having a good time using their guns in a safe and sane manner. Located three miles from the cabin area it’s far enough away to assure safety and not being a noise problem.

Archery Range

For those of you who enjoy a quiet shot the Ranch now has a beautiful archery range that is located near Beegum Creek. If you don't have your own equipment feel free to swing by the Recreation Center and check out some of ours.


Note: Motorized and non-motorized vehicles and bikes are not allowed on the horse trails.

If you’ve ever experienced the thrill of driving on a dirt trail, you know why this form of recreation is so popular. The only problem that enthusiasts of this sport seem to have is where to do it. For most its a matter of owning their own property or having a friend that has some land that is willing to let them do it. For the owners of R-Wild Horse Ranch it’s a matter of driving to the adjacent areas designated for the various ATV’s.

  • 4 Wheel Drive – All told, there are several miles of networked access roads that can be used to explore. Days can be spent driving on all types of roads enjoying the freedom and relaxation that comes from participating in your favorite activity and experiencing some of the benefits of owning your own ranch.
  • Dirt Bikes – One of the best ways to enjoy the backroads, dirt bikes give the rider a level of satisfaction experienced by few who love the feel of cruising along a dirt trail. But what is normally good for one often turns out to be a nuisance to those near by. The location of the riding area is such that the noise associated with this activity is not transferred out of the area to the other parts of the use area of the ranch. This element leads to enjoyment of the ranch and its natural tranquility by all owners.
  • Quads/ATV’s – 4 wheels add stability to dirt bike riding without taking away any of the fun. Quads are manageable by just about anyone that can drive a car and is the fastest growing segment of the off the road environment.
  • Mountain Bikes – No motor? Try your mountain bike on 10,000 acres of breathtaking terrain.