Message from our NEW Ranch Manager Frank Clifton:
Spring is here! Please take the time to prepare for a fun safe season. Our staff has prepared a great newsletter. Take the time to read it and get the info out. This past month has been an outstanding one here at the ranch. We have had a few incidents which could’ve been avoided with following the rules. Having over 1000 people on the ranch at any given point it is imperative that we all do our part to stay safe. Owners one and all – Let’s communicate openly honestly and with a plan for success. It is with excitement and anticipation that I accept the manager’s position. My thanks to the board and Stephanie Dickerson for reconsidering my application and the opportunity to serve the R Ranch community.
Come and visit “R Snack Bar” — Now open!!
Saturdays – 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday – 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


ATV Committee

Next ride: March 3rd 10 a.m.- Potluck 6 p.m. Rec
Contact person is Rodger Clifton
Security Department
Fire Pits are now allowed on the ranch as long as they have screens on them.
If a helicopter has to be called because of a medical emergency, the runway will be closed.  We had a number of complaints about this.  While the runway being closed may be a very minor inconvenience for some owners, it is also saving the life of another owner.  Everyone needs to respect the procedures and protocols in the event of an emergency.
When checking in, all of your guests must sign the Release of Liability form at the Guard Shack.  If you bring a minor, you will have to bring a medical release form filled out by the minor’s parent/legal guardian.  The minor will not be permitted to enter the ranch without it.  If we find out that a minor has been snuck onto the ranch without Security’s knowledge, you will be subject to a fine and potential hearing in front of the Board of Directors.
  Ranch rule violators:


1/27/18-Warning #1419 – Unauthorized guest on ranch
1/30/18-Fine $25 #2001- Didn’t return key
2/17/18-Fine $25 #1057 – Speeding / no #s on ATV’s
2/18/18-Warning #0285 – unattended fire
2/17/18-Warning #1355 – Speeding, endangering others
Ranch Rule of the month:
Owners who bring minor children under age 18 to the Ranch as guests, without the children’s parents or legal guardian must have a medical release form signed by that minor child’s parent or legal guardian.
Owners bringing minor children of other Owners to the Ranch without the child’s parents will also need a medical release form. Owners may not sign release forms for minor guestsThe signed form must be left with the security guard at the gate upon entry forms may also be requested by mail by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the WHOA Office, by fax, email, or online at 


Its a good idea to have the helicopter insurance that services the Ranch:
Below is the information for each company. You will have to contact them directly 
Reach Air Medical Services – 530-351-4042 Tammy
PHI Air Ambulance – 888-IFLYPHI (1-888-435-9744)
Enloe Flightcare – 530-332-6744
The price is $50 per year for the whole family PER company.
We have a couple of rides planned for March:
March 18 @ 9 am – St Patrcks Ride – $20 per person
March 31 @ 9 am – Easter Ride – $20 per person
Please contact WHOA for reservations.
                    The Stables are back on winter hours. Hours are 7 am to 4 pm.
             First ride out 7 am  last ride out 3 pm
                           Your Stable Staff – Theresa, Ray, Al & Denise
Maintenance Department
                                                                     The Maintenance Department has wrapped all the pipes in the
                                                                     campground for Winter and wants to remind Owners using our RV sites to make sure
                                                                     that they re-cover the water pipes when   they leave the ranch.                                                                                                                         A good tip is to make sure you drain your RV pipes when leaving
                                                                     the ranch. This will prevent water lines in your RV from breaking and causing                                                                                            unnecessary damage to your RV.
                                                                      Before long spring will be here and mowing season will begin again.
                                                                      Please make sure that all dog chains, extension cords and ornamental
                                                                      objects, such as rocks and bones, are picked up and not laying in the
                                                                      deep grass for our mower to run over.
                                                                      Thank You –  Your Maintenance Department


Assessment Collections Department:
If you haven’t paid your 2018 Assessment, the approved Budget Payment Plan allows you to continue using the Ranch while you split your assessment into three payments. Call the office for more information.
It is never too late to start making payments towards your 2019 Assessments. Call the WHOA office if you have questions about your assessment or for address/phone/email changes. 530-352-4222.
Greetings from the Rec. Center,
Come join us for Bingo this month! Games are every Friday and sales open at 7:30pm with games starting promptly at 8pm; cost is just 2$ per card. Bingo is open to all ages. The more players the bigger the pots as all money taken in goes right back to the winners.
Fishing derby results:
5yrs and under:
1st place- Makoa Banday 18 1/4″
2nd place – Jonah Lewis 16″ 15 3/4″ 15 1/2″
3rd place – Kody Courtney 13 1/2″


6-11 yrs:
1st Brandon 1439 16 3/4″
2nd Haley Jelich 1280 16 5/8″
tie for 3rd Lexi 0133 16 1/4″
tie for 3rd Leaha 1439 16 3/4″


12-17 yrs:
1st Jr. Jelich 16 3/4″
2nd Nichole 0481 16 3/4″
3rd Jacob 0086 16″


Over 18 yrs:
1st C.J. 0573 20″
2nd Susan 0573 16″
3rd Davina 1280 15 3/8″


Coloring contest winners:
Honor 6yrs.
Hannah 12 yrs.
Michaela 15 yrs.
Please copy and paste the link below to see details on our upcoming events for February.
R Ranch Directory
General Store 530-352-4448
Open 7 Days a Week
Mon-Sun 9 am to 5 pm
*Hrs. subject to change
Board of Directors
Stephanie Dickerson, Manager
530-352-4222 Ext. 409
Richard Dunn, Project Lead
Security 530-352-4486
Stables 530-352-4499
(Winter Hours) 7 am to 4 pm Riding 8 am to 3 pm
(Summer Hours) 6 am to 3 pm Riding 6:30 am to 2 pm
*Hrs. subject to change
Rec. Center 530-352-4456
Office Friday–Saturday 1 pm to 10 pm
 Sunday-Monday & Thursday 9 am to 6 pm
 Closed Tuesday & Wednesday
*Holidays– Hours Subject to Change
WHOA Office 530-352-4222
Fax 530-352-4442
Closed Monday
Tues – Sat 7 am to 4 pm
R Wild Horse Ranch
WHOA Assessments & Collections 530-352-4222
Susan Ext. 403
Office Desk 530-352-4222
Logan Ext. 408
Snack Bar 530-352-4449
Swimming Pool Area :   9 am to 10 pm
No glass bottles/containers
Hot Tub: 9 am to Midnight
No glass bottles/containers/food
No one under 16 in Hot Tub